vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Weer nieuw RSX zeil eerste regatta met RS:x revolution

photo taken from Neil Pryde websiteRS:One/RS:X Evolution - Asian Windsurfing Open Singapore
NeilPryde launched the RS:One Class and introduced the RS:X Evolution concept on January 17th 2011, a day after the Asian Winsurfing Championships in the heart of Singapore.

Besides the RS:One, there was also the RS:X Evolution event, which featured the RS:X Evolution windsurfing board and sail for the first time.

The RS:X Evolution concept which will be submitted to the ISAF for the 2016 Olympic Campaign, features a lighter board which performs as fast as Formula or large Slalom boards and will remain the cheapest sailing boat with the most consistent performance within the Olympic sailing scene. The RS:X Evolution also features an updated, more powerful rig with a bigger wind range and an extremely fresh new look.

The event in Singapore was a great success and has turned a new page in the book of Windsurfing. President Ben Tan of the Singapore Sailing Federation has called it a “Windsurfing Resurgence”.

Eerst een zien en dan geloven we dat misschien he
"as fast as a formula or a large slalom board"

een planerende formula loopt veel hoger dan een planerende RS:x dus dat wil ik wel eens zien

grtzs pat