woensdag 30 maart 2011

Iets om over na te denken

US-009 heeft zijn eventuele 2de plaats op het spel gezet om iemands leven te redden.
Interessant verhaal.

Rasmus Sayre narrowly missed winning the North American Junior Championship in the Under 15 age group by finishing second by two points after nine races. But that's not the big news...

In an emotional ceremony with the Mayor of Cozumel, Rasmus was awarded special recognition for his outstanding seamanship and sportsmanship for rescuing (likely saving the life) an 18 year old Mexican girl, Nicole Level, who was racing in a different class, the RS:X. It was a dangerous situation on the far offshore side of the course when the joint between Nicole’s board and rig failed, and she lost both her board and rig in the big waves. Nicole was left swimming alone in the strong off shore current for more than 20 minutes, and was without life jacket. “I thought I was going to die,” she said. “I’m never going on the water without a life jacket again.” As Raz rounded the final turning mark first place in the Techno 293 Under 15 fleet, he happened to see a hand at the crest of a wave. He immediately dropped out of his first place position, sailed out to her, and Nicole, completely exhausted, struggled onto Rasmus’ board.

The ordeal continued as Raz attempted to sail the two of them to shore but was unable in the big waves, and they were being swept further out to sea by the 5 knot Gulf Stream current. It’s difficult to balance and sail a second person to shore even in flat water. After 20 minutes they were being pushed passed the the NW corner of Cozumel into the open Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, I was on the beach starting to freak out as competitors behind Raz started hitting the beach and no sign of Raz. I was just about to take the next steps when a T293 sail appeared in the distance from a strange direction. Luckily, an alert fishing vessel with high lookout tower noticed the sun glimmer off Raz’s sail from a distance as he tried in vain to uphaul while balancing Nicole at the same time. The fishing vessel came alongside, and Nicole had regained enough strength to swim to the boat and was taken safely back to shore. Raz then managed to sail to shore alone. Nicole’s board was never found.

The people of Cozumel are calling Rasmus the "Guardian Angel" for saving this young lady, and we are so thankful they both are safe and very proud of Raz's instincts and seamanship in the ultimate moment of truth. —Nevin Sayre

Die zwemvest is nog zo dom niet he zeker op open water en zoals je ziet er zal hier ook wel rescue aanwezig geweest zijn en toch niet gezien he